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Counseling FAQ

Answers to questions you might have about counseling in general and the approaches taken by J Higgins Counseling more specifically. Please feel free to call or use the contact page to ask any additional questions you might have.

How do I know if counseling is right for me?

If you would like to embark on a path of personal growth and development, improve relationships, improve performance at work, enhance self-confidence, develop a greater sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment in your life or learn to navigate your life based on what matters most to you, then counseling may be valuable. If you struggle with unwanted thoughts or emotions including anxiety, worry, fear, sadness, or doubt then counseling can help. If internal struggle or suffering leaves you feeling as if your life is on a detour then counseling could help. If you have experienced stressful events in the past, and the memories of those events cause ongoing distress then counseling could help. The services page of this website has more information about therapeutic specialties. Free consultation is available if you would like to explore this question in more detail.

What makes J Higgins Counseling different from other options?

Offer of free, no obligation consultation prior to providing any personal information or filling out any intake forms. Unique combination of evidence based and effective forms of therapy. Convenient online portal with optional autopay. Secure HIPAA compliant phone and email technology. Long distance tele-health services available. Appointment reminders can be set up via text or email if desired.

How do I get started?

Click on the Get Started button to use a secure contact form or call (716) 202-2900. Either method will enable you to request a free, no obligation conversation to help you decide if J Higgins Counseling is the right fit for you.

How do I use the Get Started contact page?

The contact page will allow you to send a secure, encrypted email message directly to me. You could use this form to ask any questions you may have, or to request a free consultation.

What should I expect from the free consultation?

If you request a free consultation, I will personally get back to you either by phone or email, whichever you prefer, to schedule a 20-30 minute phone call. During that conversation I answer questions, explain available services, provide an opportunity for you to see if I seem like a good fit, and discuss next steps.

What are the next steps after a free consultation?

If you decide JHiggins Counseling might be a good fit and would like to schedule an intake session, I will ask for your full name and email address then email you an invitation to a secure online portal. Once you are registered with the portal, I will electronically send a brief questionnaire, a treatment agreement for you to review and sign prior to your first session, and request payment information.

What about rates, insurance and payment?

There is an accompanying page dedicated to answering these questions in detail, available on Fees page under Info tab.

What should I expect at the first session?

Our first session will involve discussion about your preferences and goals for counseling, follow up questions from your responses on the questionnaire, and discussion about the direction you would like to go in counseling.

How long does counseling last and how often would we meet?

This is individualized on a case by case basis. In general, sessions tend to occur every week or every two weeks, sometimes more or less frequently depending on changing needs or circumstances. Counseling can last from several months to several years depending on individual goals. Sometimes 8-10 sessions is enough, others prefer to continue on an ongoing basis.

What about privacy and confidentiality?

Privacy and confidentiality are highly valued at J Higgins Counseling. Efforts are made to ensure communication is as secure as possible. HIPAA Compliant Business Associate Agreements are in place with telephone service provider, email provider and practice management provider. While no electronic communication can be completely secure, efforts are made to be as secure as possible with use of secure messaging via online portal, and by encrypted email availability if needed. The physical location is non-descript and offers off-street parking. Below is a link to Notice of Privacy Practices

Do you offer tele-therapy?

Yes. Video conference tele-therapy is available.

What are your hours and availability?

Currently accepting new clients! Appointments are typically 50 to 60 minutes each and are available on weekdays between 9am-5pm depending on day of week and your individual preferences.
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Notice of Privacy Practices

Open a PDF file J Higgins Counseling NPP.

If you are feeling stuck on a detour from life, and want to get moving in a new direction, you can! Fulfillment comes from engaging in life's journey and J Higgins Counseling can help you find your way. Get started with a free consultation.

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